Bill's Record

A record of results

Iowa Taxpayers

Bill Dix believes that Iowans pay enough in taxes and that we deserve to see how these dollars are collected and spent by the government. He believes an open and transparent government will help all of us to analyze and curb accounting games within the State budget.

Bill Dix’s fundamental principle is that we cannot spend more than we take in. This does not work on a personal level, a family level, or a business level yet politicians at every level are obsessed with spending and it needs to end. The practice of spending above our budget by using one time funds for ongoing expenses is unsustainable and Bill Dix is working daily to make sure Iowan’s can trust that their government is handling the taxpayers money in an appropriate way.

Iowa Agriculture

Bill Dix is a lifelong farmer and understands agriculture is the constant driving force to the Iowa economy.  We must support our agricultural communities and encourage private investments to expand the markets.

Iowa Business

Bill Dix will work to remove regulations which cripple our businesses.  We must also look for the long term approach to bring more jobs to Iowa, not more quick-fix government programs.

Iowa Education

As a father of three, Bill Dix believes we must work to make Iowa the envy of the nation in the education of our children.  We can do this by supporting effective educators, increasing access to educational opportunities, and leaving individual school decisions at the local level.  By ensuring school decisions are made at the local level, we can ensure that those who know situations the best will also know the best way to handle things.

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